Best Travel Must-Have – Airborne

Traveling and don’t want to get sick? I have a germ-proof shield for you- Airborne! It’s not new, but I can truly attest to how well Airborne works. Airborne comes in effervescent tablets, gummi lozenges, “on the go” packets and “Power Pixies” that you put on your tongue. I add it to my water on the plane and take it at least 3 times during a long flight. My favorite Airborne flavor is pink grapefruit but the lemon lime and orange are great too.

I take Airborne with me every time I step foot on a plane. In December I flew to Europe twice within 2 weeks and did not get sick. Airborne is quick, super convenient and easy and works so well. Try it before you travel or just for every day!

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