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5 Skin Myths Busted

Pores can open and close. We’ve all heard the old wives tales that splashing your face with freezing cold water “opens up your pores”. The truth is, pores are not attached to any muscle so they neither expand nor contract. … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Clear Skin

With all of my product and lifestyle research throughout the years, I now know what keeps my skin clear and acne free. Here are some tips and products I have used that give results. Don’t pick! This is the first … Continue reading

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Best Sulfur Face Mask for Acne – DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask is the most effective, best face mask I have every used. This face mask contains sulfur and eucalyptus, which are both anti-inflammatory. Sulfur is a clay-based mineral which dries up pimples almost immediately! This acne mask … Continue reading

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