Best Body Lotion

I just can’t get enough of my Epicuren Afterbath Body Moisturizer. Epicuren Afterbath lotion contains essential oils and all natural, organic ingredients. This body moisturizer is the BEST ever. I have itchy, irritable skin, and using Afterbath Moisturizer every day has helped heal all of that! You will truly want to “bath” in Epicuren Afterbath Moisturizer.

Afterbath comes in a variety of scents ranging from Orange Blossom, to Kukui Coconut, to Rose Petal. The different scents contact natural essential oils from the plants they represent. My favorite is the Vanilla Afterbath Moisturizer – it smells edible and delicious! Kukui Coconut smells like you are on vacation and Orange Blossom is an all-around fresh, popular scent as well.

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