Best Anti-Aging Product for Oily Skin

I recently tried a product called Defend from a new brand of skincare called YBF – Your Best Face. Defend is described as an anti-shine product that protects the skin from the sun and daytime agers with powerful antioxidants, all while maintaining clear pores and controlling breakouts. Sounds like a power product, right? Well, it is.

What first caught my attention is that YBF Defend is specifically for oily skin. I have not yet found a product that is both helpful and good for your skin that also absorbs oil. I tried this product initially for this reason. YBF Defend is a light white gel that goes on clear. Only a little (1 pump) is needed for your face. Immediately after applying, my face was matte but still felt hydrated. I applied my makeup and went about my day – and my skin stayed feeling and looking the same.

I researched the ingredients YBF Defend contains and was impressed by both their purpose and the level of necessary antioxidants. Most anti-aging products are designed for night use but YBF Defend actually helps make your skin look smoother while protecting your face throughout the day. The claimed benefits of Defend are vast; it is described as being oil absorbing, containing age-fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, hydrating and light diffusing. It promises to even skin tone, heal and improve elasticity, fight bacteria to prevent breakouts, reduce wrinkles, smooth and soothe skin while preventing future wrinkles, and correct and protect the skin from UV damage. While that is a lot of promises, the ingredients speak for themselves.

YBF has chosen to use a potent level of active ingredients to fulfill the benefits they claim. Defend contains vitamin E to soothe, titanium dioxide (an ingredient in sunscreens) to defend, hyaluronate to retain moisture, nylon 12 to absorb oil, peptides (skin plumpers that reduce wrinkles with less irritation) and spin trap, which is described as an “intelligent antioxidant” that research suggests can produce significant skin rejuvenating results. There are no unnecessary added ingredients which I find refreshing and much desired in other skin care lines.

Since my skin is on the drier side, I gave YBF Defend to my husband to try. He has oily skin and loved Defend’s light feel and that his face remained less oily throughout the day. I felt better knowing his skin was protected from daytime agers (Please note, although YBF does contain ingredients that protect your skin, it does not contain sunscreen. I would advise anyone spending time in the sun to apply a sunscreen after applying Defend).

My bottom line? YBF seems to be a company whose priorities are useful ingredients. I would recommend this YBF Defend to anyone with oily skin. Dry or combination skin will find the oil absorbers too potent (Check my other posting for YBF Defend dry and combination skin).  For some, the price tag may be too high. But I do think that YBF has the right idea and that Defend fulfilled its promises.

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5 Responses to Best Anti-Aging Product for Oily Skin

  1. Joe Nathan says:

    When I read about YBF Defend, it seems it has lot of antioxidants which are skin protective and thanks to this company which formulated this product as can be used in day also. I will surely recommend this product to my friend Rose Mary she is searching on a good anti aging product.

  2. Milka says:

    YBF as all in one benefits with its anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants which may be beneficial for my sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  3. Sandra B says:

    he Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser not only leaves my face feeling clean (but not dry) it has totally eliminated the mild to moderate breakouts I’d been suffering from for the past year.

    I tried the Made from Earth cleanser after reading online reviews, and after only 3 months, have seen major improvement (read: not one zit for over 4 wks) Admittedly it is not an overnight miracle, but it did work eventually.

    I use this product 2x per day (a.m and p.m), and for my night ritual I use a disposal exfoliating sponge to help remove my makeup, followed by the Rosehip & Hibiscus face Serum (also by Made from Earth).

  4. Luke says:

    Nice post. It’s hard to find good skin care products for oily skin – very demanding skin type. I’m happy you found the product you love.

  5. Sarah Ross says:

    It sounds like this lotion for oily skin has a lot of quality ingredients. I just checked out the website, and the cost is a little insane… $120.00! Holy cow! They should definitely sell sample packets so that people can try it out first to see if they like it. In the past, I’ve collectively spent probably a thousand dollars looking for products for oily skin, most of which did absolutely nothing. This would be worth the cost if it did actually soak up oil for a long time. Right now, my current go-to product is the Mattify Cosmetics powder. It has cleared up all my acne and stops my face from getting shiny for almost half the day. But um, this costs like $15 bucks and works great. Sooo… don’t know if I’ll be trying this expensive product any time soon, but I would be grateful if the company would offer low cost samples. If it works for me, I would consider buying the full size.

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