The best dog shampoo – John Paul Pet

I have a 7 ½ pound Maltese named Jack who is absolutely the center of my world. Needless to say, my addiction to beauty has now encompassed finding the best dog products. I recently discovered that John Paul Mitchell, iconic creator of Paul Mitchell haircare, has created a line of dog and cat shampoos, conditioners, deodorizers and detanglers called John Paul Pet that rock!

All of the products in the line use quality ingredients and are cruelty free that fact alone led me to try them. I noticed that I only needed to use just a little bit of shampoo to lather and wash Jack’s entire body and the product felt great and washed out clean. I love the John Paul Pet Super Bright Shampoo For Dogs to keep Jack sparkling white. I follow up with a few sprays of John Paul Pet Instant Detangling Spray, a no rinse grooming aid that really helps to loosen up tangles and ease brushing of Jack’s unruly hair. I also use a little bit of the John Paul Pet Tearless Gentle Shampoo for Puppies and Kittens around Jack’s face to really clean his mouth and eye area without any stinging.

The line of John Paul Pet products is vast and includes an Oatmeal shampoo, a Waterless Foam Shampoo for Dogs and Cats and different wipes for paws, ears and eyes and even teeth. My dog groomer swears that the John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo actually makes fleas and ticks fall off!

John Paul Mitchell has created quality hair care for over 26 years. John Paul’s line of products for dogs and cats is no different. These products are so great you might be tempted to use them yourself!

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  1. Monica says:

    Wow! I did not know Paul Mitchell also has a pet line. Gotta check it out for my pooch!!!

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