The Best Mascara

I thought I’d begin with what is probably every woman’s quest- to find the best mascara! Well, ladies, I have found it. The best mascara I have ever used is Diorshow Unlimited Mascara. The price is a little higher than drugstore mascara, but I promise, it’s worth it.

I wanted a solution to help me stop curling my eyelashes. Ladies, if you curl your lashes- STOP! I also wanted a mascara that not only kept my lashes curled, but to be the best mascara it also needed to feel soft, not clump and not dry out. I wear contacts, so mascara normally ends up giving me raccoon eyes within a few hours.

I have solved all of my mascara problems and found not only what I think is the best mascara, but the best curling mascara and the best mascara for contact wearers.

Here’s why I think Diorshow Unlimited mascara is the best:

  • It’s a water-resistant mascara (won’t end up under your eyes but washes off easily)
  • This mascara does not clump. No matter what.
  • Diorshow Unlimited mascara does not dry out on your lashes and is not flaky – in fact my eyelashes stayed soft and flexible throughout a long day, including touch-ups!
  • Here’s the best part: I have not curled my eyelashes in one week! Not only are my eyes irritation free, but my Diorshow Unlimited mascara has kept them in that just-curled form all day! I promise you’ll love it!

Here is some more tried and true research about other mascaras out there. Real Simple magazine has great product testing articles. You can view their findings of “The Best Mascaras” at

Here’s what I’ve found:

Best Curling Mascara, Best Overall Mascara: Diorshow Unlimited Mascara.

Great Curling Mascara for not-so-sensitive eyes: Benefit Get-Bent Mascara; has a great application brush and special ingredients that curl and lift, but has a bit more flaky, heavy texture.

Best Lengthening Mascara, Best Long Lasting Mascara: Lancome Definicils, is an Allure magazine reader’s choice favorite and Real Simple says “this mascara has the staying power of super-hold hair spray”. The only drawback: it’s little tough to wash off and may feel a bit heavier. Available at

Best Non-Smudging Mascara: MAC Pro Lash Mascara. This mascara gives great fullness with no flaking, but feels a little heavy, may clump with multiple coats and does not curl well. If you already have long, thick lashes and want that extra oomph give MAC Pro Lash mascara a try.

Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes, Best Mascara for Contact Wearers: Colorescience Cry Me a River Mascara . This mascara is also a waterproof mascara, but don’t be fooled- this mascara still feels soft like your natural lashes and does not flake. You’ll hardly know your wearing mascara with this on! Colorescience’s natural, organic ingredients and high-quality minerals make their products skin beneficial as well! More to be mentioned on this line…I love it! Colorescience Cry Me a River feels great and is not harmful to sensitive eyes. You will need an eye makeup remover to get this off properly (try Aveda Pure Comfort Eye Makeup Remover it’s so gentle you can open your eyes with it on!)

Happy shopping!

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