Best Flat Irons

Get pin straight hair without using a blow dryer? That’s right! There are now flat irons that both dry and straighten your hair!

I recently had the opportunity to try a new straightener called the H2PRO Ceramic Flat Iron. The H2PRO combines huge functionality in a tiny size. This one inch wonder was originally created for professional use only but now you too can create straight hair with professional tools.

Probably the best feature of the H2PRO Ceramic Flat Iron is that it was specifically designed for damaged, sensitive and thick hair. The hair straightening plates are made of tourmaline and ceramic, which help to smooth and sooth your hair, fighting frizz and damage. It’s capability to attain higher temperatures, combined with materials meant to protect your hair, makes this a flat iron you can use often with less damage than other straighteners.

The H2PRO also has a “damp to dry” feature enabling you to skip the blow dryer! I LOVE this feature. My curly hair is stubborn, and after blow drying with a brush I am exhausted. To be able to skip this step just makes everything a bit easier and saves your hair from the breakage hair dryers can create.

It is my experience that a smaller sized straightener does not add more time, but actually helps you achieve smoother hair quicker. The smaller straighteners are easier to maneuver and allow you to get closer to your scalp. I like the H2PRO because it is small enough to create straight hair but also allows you to curl or create beachy waves with a flip of your wrist.

The H2PRO Ceramic Flat Iron has been compared to another great hair straightener called the T3 Tourmaline Medium Duality Flat Iron. Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty recently named the T3 Tourmaline Flat Iron the best on the market. It has many of the same features as the H2PRO, including tourmaline plates to counteract static and an ability to reach high temperatures. The T3 is a little bit larger than the H2, with plates measuring 1 3/8″, and is designed for longer hair. The T3 works great, but if you are comparing prices, the H2PRO costs a bit less.

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a flat iron. However, with the evolution of hair straightening tools, even lower priced flat irons have many of the same characteristics as more expensive ones. It’s best to decide exactly what you want from your flat iron and do some comparison shopping before making a purchase. I would also ask your own hair stylist what he or she recommends. However, it is always best to purchase your flat iron online – you can always find a cheaper price.

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