Best Curly Hair Products

Best Curly Hair Products

To all those ladies out there with curly hair, I have found your dream product! After a lifetime (literally) of trying products that would perfect my curls and make them easier to manage, I have discovered a line of products designed specifically for curly hair!

Introducing DevaCurl hair care. This is the best line of products for curly hair, hands down. I have tried them all: Redken, Pureology, Alterna, Aveda, Be Sexy, and many drugstore brands, to name a few. DevaCurl offers us curly haired maidens the perfect products to handle our curls. After years of research, curly haired creator Lorraine Massey, author of the must have book, Curly Girl (Workman Publishing, 2001), created a line of products specifically for curly hair. DevaCurl products do not contain harsh chemicals or detergents and are alcohol free. Alcohol not only dries out your hair but creates that sticky crunchy curl that everyone hates. DevaCurl products re-hydrate, restore and respect your beautiful hair.

Though I’m not crazy about their shampoo and conditioners, their styling products are hands-down the best hair care products for curly hair. Start with DevaCurl B’Leave In after you get out of the shower. Put this on wet hair and remember, do not brush your hair after showering. DevaCurl B’Leave In is a gel-like leave in conditioner that moisturizes and creates a better, longer lasting curl. Next, use DevaCurl Angell, a lightweight, alcohol free styling gel that disappears into your hair. After diffusing, spray in DevaCurl Set It Free conditioning finishing mist. This is hands down my can’t live without product for curly hair. I like to use it on dry hair to lock in my style and take away frizz, but it can also be used on wet hair. DevaCurl Set It Free reactivates and separates your curl while adding shine and locking in moisture. You can’t use too much of this stuff- DevaCurl Set It Free contains olive oil and beeswax and it’s alcohol free so it won’t get sticky or crunchy. And for next day styling, just spray unwashed hair with DevaCurl Mist-er Right a lavender based hair refresher. Spray it on to reactivate DevaCurl Angell and reform your curls while acting as a humectant and adding moisture to your dry hair. The scent helps to mask unpleasant odors your hair might have as well as acting as a spa treatment for your scalp and senses.

The DevaCurl product line is a must-have for curly hair, and truly the best products for curly hair that I have ever used.

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