Best Jeans for Curvy Figures – Lucky Brand & True Religion

I have searched long and hard for the perfect pair of jeans for curves. I wanted a pair of comfortable jeans with stretch and that I actually liked wearing. I wear a waist size 31 in jeans so I have tried many pairs to find jeans that look good on curves. Here’s my favorite jeans:

True Religion Jeans

True Religion jeans are extremely figure flattering jeans. The moment I slipped a pair of True Religion jeans on, my butt looked smaller and I felt skinnier. As I mentioned on another posting, I love the dark denim and forward twisted seams of the True Religion Joey stretch style. True Religion jeans have back pockets with an oversized flap that slims your bottom and creates a noticeable style- heads will turn when you wear your True Religion jeans! These jeans are great for curves because they are not extremely low rise, they are a medium rise, so your underwear will not show when you bend over. More importantly, they are really slimming jeans and their style is great for almost every body, especially curvy girls! True Religion jeans cost a little more but if you are looking for a great pair of jeans for curves you might want to think about investing in one fabulous pair.

Lucky Brand Denim

Lucky Brand Denim Sweet n Low Jeans is an extremely flattering jeans for curves, especially wider hips and thighs. The Sweet n Low style is a relaxed fit, flare leg jean that comes in a variety of colors. Lucky Brand Denim is nice and soft which makes for a really comfortable pair of jeans. I love my Sweet n Low Lucky Jeans; I look forward to wearing them wherever and whenever. Lucky Brand Denim makes a variety of different styles for different fits, but the Sweet n Low jeans are the perfect jeans for curves.

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3 Responses to Best Jeans for Curvy Figures – Lucky Brand & True Religion

  1. Andrea says:

    Love those jeans! They look great on my figure.

  2. linda says:

    best jeans on my curvy body is hello! skinnyjeans. they make me look thinner and they are soo comfortable. i would never go back to another brand for the rest of my life. their website is

  3. paul says:

    There is a new brand of jeans that are absolutely fabulous for curvy shaped women of all sizes. The brand is Little in the Middle, and this jeans line caters to all sizes of women that have a curvy shape. One of the most interesting thing that it does; is that it is sized one size smaller in the waist than in the hips, so it eliminates that awful gap in the back of your jeans that let your rear end hang out while seated while offering a great fit.

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